The concept

Colored Jigsaw puzzles for All of US

About us...

Coki was born in 2017 in Caroline's mind. In love with Martinique, the Caribeean Island where she grew up, she's kind of hyperactive and at last, discovered the way to completely relax : jigsaw puzzles.

But none of them represented the images she cherished the most, caribbean landscapes and life scenes. Then, what about launch his own models, meanwhile enhancing artworks of local artists?

From then, years and encounters later, the collection has grown up. Now, more than 10 caribbean artistsare displayed on coki Puzzles!
Many others will soon join our catalog. Subscribe to our newsletter and regurlarly connect to our website in order to be up to discover all our surprises.

Coki, is, from the very beginning, a little frog

The real story is that coqui is the spanish word to name the little frogs, singing at the night, all over the Caribbean Islands. The way they sing, will for sure, let you remember them, if you have already visit us. That's why that afro-aribbean art project holds the same name.

Images 100% from The Caribbean

Coki works with Caribbean artists, who really know scenes, colors and lights so unique to these islands.
By whatever supports or techniques they use, the most important, for us is to take you to a joyful trip and help you discover our culture, both so mixed and rich.

All of our products are Made in France

All selected artworks by Caroline and his fellow team are then sent to a factory in Champagne to become these wonderful pieces of art by a rigorous process.