"The 12 ways of Love"  Spritual Rise Manual
"The 12 ways of Love"  Spritual Rise Manual
"The 12 ways of Love"  Spritual Rise Manual
"The 12 ways of Love"  Spritual Rise Manual
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"The 12 ways of Love" Spritual Rise Manual

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Set of 12 meditation-draws, to be colored or framed

The « 12 Ways of Love » could be seen as a spiritual rise manual, in order to re-construct the heart that You could use in as many ways as you want to find again the way of internal joy and needed completeness for your soul evolution.

In this "book-manual", you'll get 12 original works of art reproductions from the artist Olivier FONTEAU, specialized in Sacred Arts and Divine Symbolism.

These twelve meditation drawings picture 12 Rise Heart Ways that Orion's Angels use to find their completeness and manifest unconditionnal Love, Divine Love, Original Love.


  • The rituals
  • 12 reproductions (coloring and/or meditating)
  • A explanatory booklet
  • 12 meditations (+ guided audio mediations via flash codes)
  • 12 Oracles 

How tu use the contents :

These 12 Ways could be practiced in many ways :

  • Rituals : ex. 12 days, 12 months or 12 Moons Ritual
  • 12 Meditation drawings, to be colored, meditated with or simply framed to bring positive Love vibration in your place.
  • 12 guided meditations (audio support via flash codes) to carry you on that rise or healing path.
  • 12 Oracles that let you make a daily work with the Energy of the day or with the Energy you should work on or manifest to anchor your Love processing on Earth .